Last week on the Shire Notice Board, avid Shire collector Paul Gilberg asked me a question about the old Shire book, Wines of Madeira. It seems we printed 15,000 copies of the book, but not one can be found.

Curious, I checked our archive and discovered that even we don\'t have a copy of this particular title. I asked around among the old-hands and learned that we had indeed printed 15,000 copies, but, due to a binding error, many of these were destroyed. It turns out, this poor binding has made Wines of Madeira, one of, if not the rarest book published by Shire.

So here is the deal, if anyone can help out Mr. Gilberg, and find a copy of this book for sale, I will send them a free Shire book of their choice (as long as it is in print). The Wines of Madeira book can be for sale online or in a shop - it doesn\'t matter - so long as I can verify it.

If you know where to find Wines of Madeira, just post a comment here and I\'ll be in touch.