It\'s Friday here at the Osprey office and instead of working, I thought I\'d share some of the fun and interesting Military related items I\'ve come across during the last few weeks…

The best recent military story has to go to the Somali pirates who managed to attack the flagship of the French fleet in the Indian Ocean. However, running a close second is the British thief who tried to make off with a quad-bike, only to run into a busload of Dutch Paratroopers. This story comes from Strike-Hold! one of the best special forces and airsoft blogs around.

Speaking of Airsoft and Dutch Paratroopers, did you know that you can earn Dutch Paratrooper wings as part of an airsoft team? You can with Delta Team 3.

If you are more of a World War II fan, check out Vulture\'s Wargaming blog, and go to the October 8th entry, where he\'s got a video slideshow of a Stug III being pulled out of a Russian swamp. How come I never find anything that cool in my garden?

In a bit of wargaming news - check out the new Carlist War Royal Marine Rocket Launcher that\'s coming soon from the Perrys! You\'ve got to love a weapon that looks like it was assembled on the spot from leftover packing material! I don\'t play the Carlist War, but I may have to pick one up just for fun.

I\'ve actually just finished painting some Mohawk warriors from Galloping Major Wargames, which I discovered during the Historical Miniature Showdown. Apparently my paint job was good enough to feature on the site.

For fans of more modern wargamer, I think the best wargaming product released in the last couple of weeks has to be Operation Uruzgan from Ambush Alley. Watch this space for more info about this product.

Now, I think I mentioned something about swag? Here\'s the deal - I know there must be lots of interesting military stories lately that I must have missed. So let me know what they are! Leave a comment with a link. Whoever posts the most interesting story (in my opinion) gets a their choice of either ten note cards featuring Peter Dennis artwork. (The awesome cover of CAM 208: Petersburg) OR a 15mm Flames of War Sherman ARV.