It been another couple of weeks of interesting events in the world of military history, and I\'ve got my highlights for you here.

On a recent trip into work, I caught the tail the end of a news story saying that a World War II tank was going to be used to demolish a building in Portsmouth. It took me a while to locate the story, but I finally found it on the dalyhistory blog. The \'tank\' is actually a Sexton self-propelled artillery gun, but I suppose that\'s close enough to a tank for most people. You can see it run up an fire right at the end of the video, though I was disappointed, there was no damage assessment shot.

For me, the military story of the week has to be the honouring of the inventor of the AK-47. Yup, Kalashnikov has become a hero of Russia. As much as I may shake my head at the brand name that every Russian can be proud of, I can\'t deny that both Samuel Colt and Oliver Winchester were also hailed as heroes during their time.

In the world of wargaming, the biggest story has to be Warlord Games' release of their Black Powder rules. This book was assembled by some of the biggest names in the industry, and the various forums are already hailing it as a great read. Hopefully, I\'ll have a thorough review of the book for you guys in the next week or two. Also, in the news is Great War Miniatures announcement of their new line of Crimean War miniatures!

Finally, one of my favourite parts of my job is checking the mail, because it seems that every day we get some new interesting magazine. While Battlegames remains my favourite, I find myself increasingly excited by the arrival Warships International Fleet Review every month. This top-notch publication is just packed with amazing photography of modern warship as well as ship-launched aircraft. It is also a great way to keep up with naval developments the world over. In this month\'s issue, I learned all about the Japanese mission against Somali pirates, the new submarine in the Malaysian Navy, the development of China\'s warfleet, and of course all the latest info about the US Navy and the Royal Navy. It\'s a must for anyone who likes warships.

Well, check back soon for more updates, and please feel free to mention anything I might have missed.