My favourite piece of members content this month is a map taken from CAM 210 Operation Dragoon 1944. The map, aptly named Operartion Dragoon, August 15, 1944 shows the Area of Operations (AO) of allied forces south-west of Cannes. Indicated on the map are the amphibious and airborne landing sites of American British and French forces. Also participating in this assault were the French resistance, who were more commonly referred to in southern France as Maquis, from the Corsican word for bush; an individual fighter was a maquisard. The allied divisional and corps boundaries are clearly identified along with the German regiment and divisional boundaries. These boundary markings along with military key symbols are vital for these maps and always help me to understand unit formation and disposition.


One thing that is good, and essential when viewing the maps and planes in the member's area is the zoom feature. I enlarged the centre area of the map and gained a greater understanding of the amphibious landings by the 157th and 180th Infantry Regiments. The German heavy guns on their left and right flanks must have appeared quite menacing at the time of the landings, although thankfully the threat was neutralized by allied destroyer firepower.