The Mystery Of The Changing Title

Back in the late 80s (1987 to be exact), with the Cold War still swirling across the plains of Europe, Osprey commissioned and published another book in the fledgling Elite series. Written by Nigel Thomas and illustrated by Ronald Volstad, Elite 16 was published under the title NATO Armies Today.

Nothing odd with that is there? Except that if you now search for an Elite on NATO Armies, the only results that you will get are for Elite 16 NATO Armies 1949-87. Why did we do this? Well this is one of our most popular titles, despite being twenty years old - I think in particular the allure of an alternate history take on the end of the Cold War may play a large part in this popularity. So, when we went back to reprint this title a few years ago we suddenly realized that the NATO forces today would be totally unrecognizable from those covered in the book - so a quick a couple of tweaks and some gentle plastic surgery later and one book had mysteriously become another. NATO Armies Today morphed into NATO Armies 1949-87.

Because of this book we now always tend to take a moment to consider how our book titles will age over time.  Hopefully we won't make the same mistake twice.


Spot the difference!