The Alternate History Osprey Book

We are quite often asked to look into the possibility of putting together a series which delves into the realms of alternate history. The possibilities for such a series are massive - and could, at a stretch be based in some semblance of historical fact. We have requests from readers who would like to see the US stay out of WW2 or the Russians not surrender in WW1. The thought of a Soviet dominated Europe is another popular subject that customers have begged us to cover.

But, what you might not know is that we have already done an alternate history book. Back in September 1989 we released a book that examined the possibility of direct conflict between the West and the East during the Cold War. Elite 26 Tank War - Central Front NATO vs Warsaw Pact It pits NATO forces against Warsaw Pact forces on the plains of Europe. Admittedly the alternate history section of the book is merely used as a backdrop around which to fix an examination of the armoured capabilities of the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, but it is still a pretty cool idea.

Just to give you an idea of the alternate history section of the book, here is a bit of a taster of Steve Zaloga's fiction skills...

"Mason's troops were taken aback when they counted the opposition: they were outnumbered about five-to-one. But they were experienced, and had good positions. Their firing advantages should be able to whittle down the odds. Mason got on the radio and told the other three tanks to hold their fire until 3000 metres. Some of his gunners were cocky, and boasted about hitting targets further away than that. Mason was not worried about hitting them; but the T-80m was pretty hard, and even a sabot round could bounce off at long range. At 3,000m an APFSDS sabot round ought to kill any tank, or at least give it a good shaking."