A few of the more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that there have been a number of changes being implemented to the Osprey website over the last couple of days, and we just felt we ought to tell you exactly what is happening.

Following the launch of the website we got some fantastic feedback from loads of you, and we are slowly but surely implementing changes to make your browsing experience more pleasant.

One of the most repeated comment was that it took simply too many clicks to get to the books! initially the site had individual Home pages and Store pages for each series and for each period - but this meant that there was an extra screen between you and the books - so we have corrected this, and amalgamated the period and series homepage and store page into one entity. So now you can click on the subject / period or series that you want and be immediately directed to a page showing the books in that section, listed in publication order (most recent to first published).

To help you scroll through our books (and if you are a member, our maps and planes) we have added a scrolling tool to the bottom of the page, in addition to the one at the top of the page. We have also made this tool slightly bigger so that it is easier to see and use, and have changed the way that we indicate what page you are on - making it clearer exactly where you are.

We have also changed the My Osprey and Membership pages slightly, to make it more obvious how to use the pages and what you can do on each of these pages.

As we continue to work on the site there will be additional changes to make your browsing experience more pleasurable.

Last, but certainly not least - Memberships in the US and Canada. These have been a very long time coming, but it does look as if we are almost there, and we are hoping to launch memberships in the US before the end of February.