These days, wargaming is dominated by points-based systems where two equally matched sides slug it out. It is a style of play encouraged by most of the industry\'s big names including Warhammer, Flames of War, and Field of Glory. However, in my humble opinion, these games often lack the flavour and the tactical challenge that makes wargaming so appealing.

Luckily for me and countless others, there is another style of play, which does away with points and uses tactical problems as the basis for games. These games are generally termed scenarios, and each scenario presents two (often unequal) armies, the battlefield, and the objectives for both sides.The champion of this style of play has long been Brigadier (Ret\'d) C. S. Grant, and now, thanks to Battlegames, a dozen of his best scenarios have been collected into one book!

Battlegames: Table Top Teasers Vol. 1 is a really fantastic work and a necessary addition to the collection of any wargamer who enjoys scenario play. It collects together the twelve “Table Top Teasers” that appeared in the first dozen issues of Battlegames and includes a host of new material as well. In each teaser, Grant presents a scenario, loosely based on some historical battle which challenges wargame generals to think tactically, not just about destroying the enemy, but about a bigger picture of securing an objective, whatever that maybe. Although all of Grant\'s teasers are written for the horse and musket period, they are easily convertible to most periods. In fact, most of the teasers in the book are followed by a game report from someone who has converted that particular scenario to his own favourite period.

Supporting the invaluable content is a clean and easily readable layout that will be familiar to fans of Battlegames magazine. Pretty much every page is supported by wonderful pictures of miniatures, nice digital maps, or both!

This book really is a must if you enjoy scenario play. Even if you already have the twelve issues, it is nice to have the teasers collected together, and there is enough extra material to make it enjoyable to read them all over again.

And the best news of all is the very clear “VOL 1” on the cover, which implies that someday there will be a “VOL 2”.