With the sad resignation of blogmaster Mike, it is a time of quiet reflection here at Osprey, a time to examine all the mistakes, errors of judgement, and general bad calls, that permeated the Mike regime. It is time for the blog to heal, to grow, and once again strive to be the centre of military fandom that both you and I know it can be.

So let\'s get started!

While Mike certainly qualified as a military history enthusiast, I\'m afraid I\'m a downright fanatic. I\'m the kind of guy who considered getting an Osprey spinner for the house - before I started working here. I subscribe to a small stack of military magazines and most of the rest I get a chance to flip through at work. I\'m a wargamer, history writer, failed model-maker, and compulsive collector. My family tree is full of rebels and revolutionaries.

Considering that you, dear reader, spend your time on the Osprey blog, I figure you\'re a little bit like me.

So, while continuing to bring you all the latest Osprey news, I also want to share with you all the fun of sitting here at Military History HQ. I\'m going to do my best to keep you updated on all the Military History news from around the world.

But, I also wanted to hear what you would like from the Osprey blog. More articles on specific periods? More info about how we do things here at Osprey? Less postings by Phil?

Leave a comment and tell me what you\'d like to see, or, for the more shy among you, drop me a line at [email protected]