Frequent readers of the Osprey blog will be aware that late last year, Osprey ran a special auction for 40 signed, numbered, Leather-Bound copies of the Men-at-Arms: A Celebration book.

Well, the auction was a major success - with one (or two!) little exceptions. After several months of bidding, buying, and shipping, two of the books ended up back here! After recovering the books from Richard\'s office (where they had mysteriously ended up), I decided I would offer these two rarities for sale again. However there will be no auction this time.

These two books are going for £200 each. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]. Come Monday, I\'ll pick two names from everyone who has emailed. Those people will be given a chance to purchase the books.

If you can\'t remember what these books look like, or your just hearing about them for the first time, you can see a bunch of photos at the old auction website. Remember, come Monday the last two will be gone.