Osprey New York have just moved office, which inevitably means that we have had some serious cleaning out to do. When I started this process I stumbled across some very odd items - a series of primed but unpainted miniatures that I will hopefully be painting with an old co-worker, some George R.R. Martin books, a large metal statue of a fairie. But the most interesting so far was a scrapbook of papers and photos from 2nd Lt William Ruxton during his years in France during World War I.

I've scanned what pages I could - it's a bit hard because the paper is old and crumbly and I didn't want to damage the book or the documents within it. If anyone has any info on Ruxton, we'd love to hear about it! Those of us over here have no idea where the scrapbook came from, so it has been in the office longer than any of our US staffers.

 Name Plate0001

The front page & nameplate of Ruxton's scrapbook. 

Headquarters Listing0001

Orders from the American Expeditionary Forces



Telegram Page0001

Memories, and a telegram unfolded on the second scan



A trip to Paris, I assume.

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