Many of you will have seen Battle, our first postcard collection, and some of you may be aware of Dogfight, the second collection, [shamelessplug]coming March 2010![/shamelessplug], featuring 40 of the best pieces of art to grace the covers of our Aircraft of the Aces, Aviation Elite Units, Combat Aircraft and Duel titles.

We also have a 3rd collection, tentatively called Soldier, that is going to be less focused than its predecessors. Whereas Battle consisted of battlescenes, and Dogfight of aviation cover art, Soldier is going to comprise of a mix of artwork - battlescenes, traditional Men-at-Arms uniform plates and Warrior expanded kit views.

Now, in order to avoid the usual situation of a couple of Ospreyistas (i.e. Joe and me) picking all the art, I thought I would open the field to our blog readers. Please suggest artwork that you would like to see in the Soldier postcard collection - pretty much any image is fair game - the most popular one will make it into the collection, with the nominator's acknowledgement on the back, and a couple of free boxes once the collection is released. If, as I hope, we have loads of suggestions, with no clear winner, I'll put the most successful to a vote on the blog!

So get suggesting!