Already a few surprises have been thrown up by this competition, and as we launch into the quarter finals, who is to say what is going to happen!

So let us leap straight into the first quarter final showdown!

Greece vs USA

On paper this might seem like a bit of a mismatch. Today the American military is a huge behemoth of cutting edge technology, massive budgets, untouchable air force, the largest navy, and some of the best trained troops in the world. The current Greek army is... well a little less impressive. Having said that, Greece has been around much much longer than the US - and back in her youth, the Greeks (like the Americans today) were the leading global superpower. The military experts, the innovators, and at the cutting edge of technology. Admittedly, linking Ancient Greece to its modern counterpart is a bit of a stretch, but we have to give the underdog a bit of a fighting chance!

In fact, thinking about it, the Greeks were able to build up quite an impressive empire - something that the Americans have notably never been able to do. The Americans still have a rotten record when taking on much smaller countries than them. Their ability of creating an empire on the back of their military would be quite a risky proposition - they still havent managed to subjugate the whole of the middle east and most of Latin America. Despite efforts to the contrary over the last 50 years.

The Winners
So who should take the victory? The modern behemoth or the ancient legend? Well, this time the USA overcome their ancient opponent, thanks to their new superweapon. Economics. Sure the American army has struggled to overcome foreign foes. But her corporations have not. Its difficult to pick a fight with the nation that feeds your junk food and caffeine addictions. Should a major war ever break out the US would have armies of McDonalds and Starbucks deprived Zombie sleeper agents buried deep inside the populations of virtually every country in the world.

More than that, the recent collapse of the Greek economy could be part of an American 'first-strike' policy. After all the worldwide depression was triggered by the 'crisis' in America. Perhaps this is just a front - a way of weakening their enemies in secret. The Greeks are so busy fighting each other at the minute that they might not notice a Golden Arches army approaching Athens.

Of course the Greek financial problems might just be because hosting the Olympics essentially left the nation completely skint. Good luck London!

Match 2

New Zealand vs Denmark

Ok, how about this for a match-up? Maoris vs Vikings. Now that is a fascinating prospect - two forces who pride themselves on their ability to make war, their seafaring exploits, and of course the benefits of great genetics.

But is this a fair fight. Technologically speaking the Vikings were some distance ahead of the Maoris for most of their glory days. Armour and metal weapons would have undoubtedly given them a bit of an edge over the Maoris armed with tomahawk style weapons and their tewhatewha - a wooden club with a striking edge along the back of the blade. The Maoris tended to go into battle dressed in a maro - made of flax, probably not much a match for a well placed sword or axe. Bareheaded, unarmored, with ancient weaponry, the Maoris would have probably really struggled against the Vikings.

However, the Maori very quickly picked up on the uses of firearms in warfare, and during the wars between British settlers and the Maoris, firearms were used extensively by the Maori (although admittedly quite obsolete varieties of weapons). This rapid adaptation to new weaponry would stand the Maori in good stead, as would their legendary expertise at building defensive fortifications. The Maori Pa proved incredibly effective as a defensive weapon, and made the resistance to British settlers a great deal more effective.

However, by their nature Pa's are great defensively, but as it is kinda difficult to pick one of them up and move them, they are not really all that useful offensively. Limiting their use somewhat.

The Winners

At the risk of being accused of bias yet again - I am going to award this round to the Danish Vikings. I just think that in a one on one fight with the original New Zealanders they would have probably just about been able to sneak a victory. Of course in the last couple of hundred years the Danish army hasn't managed much, whilst the New Zealanders have punched well above their weight, but this time not even that can save them.