As you can see from the following press release we are being joined in the Osprey bunker by Angry Robot Books, the cutting-edge Science Fiction imprint, sitting alongside us and Shire Books.

Now there are going to be a few of you who will be wondering what the hell we are doing but it is all very simple. We at Osprey/Shire/Angry Robot (we are going to need a group name) are all about publishing for specialists, whether your specialism is Panzer variants, timber-framed buildings or zombie novels. We want to publish books (and not just books these days) for people who are enthusiastic, knowledgable and passionate about their interest whatever it is.

For Osprey Publishing, our series books, hardbacks, memberships etc it is business as usual. Angry Robot will continue to work out of Nottingham and our Editorial and Production teams will continue to work solely on Osprey books. May releases are ready to go and we are busy looking at books for 2011. New series are being prepared and some great new titles are being commissioned. Look out for them.

And look out for more news on Angry Robot when it happens.