Ouch - linking in all of the titles in this month's list of reprinted books has left me a haggard shadow of my former self. A hulking 80+ titles in one big batch - I hope you all appreciate all this work that I go to! Seriously though, I am always thrilled when I can reveal that a whole bunch of books have landed in our warehouse, particularly when one of the books has been out of print for a long time. CAM 11 Kaiserschlacht is one of those books - it has been out of print for AGES! I have to admit that as one of our first ever Campaigns it looks a little bit old fashioned, but the information it contains is still just as solid as it was years ago - and hopefully this will quell the yelps of anguish over its extended absence.

Another highlight has to be the ever popular Elite 170: Special Operations Forces in Iraq, which continues to sell and sell and sell! Can't wait for it's upcoming New Vanguard companion!

Enough from me though - time for the rest of the books - enjoy...

Aircraft of the Aces 33 Nieuport Aces of World War I

Aircraft of the Aces 38 Tomahawk and Kittyhawk Aces of the RAF and Commonwealth

Aircraft of the Aces 16 Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-45

Battle Orders 5 US Army in the Plains Indian War 1865-1891

Campaign 11 Kaiserschlacht 1918

Campaign 18 Guadalcanal 1942

Campaign 40 Sekigahara 1600

Campaign 85 Peking 1900

Campaign 86 Armada Campaign 1588

Campaign 91 Kolin 1757

Campaign 95 Second Manassas

Campaign 96 Okinawa 1945

Campaign 114 Lepanto 1571

Campaign 138 Poitiers 1356

Campaign 143 Caen 1944

Campaign 146 The Marshall Islands 1944

Campaign 152 Kasserine Pass 1943

Combat Aircraft 4 Mosquito Bomber / Fighter Bomber Units 1942-45

Combat Aircraft 8 P61 Black Widow Units of World War 2

Combat Aircraft 57 AH-64 Apache Units of Operations Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom

Combat Aircraft 58 US Navy Hornet Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2)

Elite 27 Soldiers of the English Civil War (2) Cavalry

Elite 32 British Forces in Zululand 1879

Elite 66 The Spartan Army

Elite 77 British Colours and Standards 1747-1881 (1)

Elite 82 Samurai Heraldry

Elite 84 World War 1 Trench Warfare (2) 1916-18

Elite 91 US Army Frontier Scouts 1840-1921

Elite 117 US World War II Amphibious Tactics

Elite 142 No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando

Elite 170 Special Operations Forces in Iraq

Essential Histories 54 Wars of Roses

Essential Histories 58 The English Civil Wars 1642-1651

Fortress 41 The Channel Islands 1941-45

Fortress 58 Vietnam Firebases 1965-73

Men-At-Arms 20 Japanese Army of World War II

Men-At-Arms 65 The Royal Navy 1790-1970

Men-At-Arms 76 Nopoleon's Hussars

Men-At-Arms 79 Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns

Men-At-Arms 83 Napoleons Guard Cavalry

Men-At-Arms 94 Swiss At War 1300-1500

Men-At-Arms 98 Dutch-Belgian Troops of the Napoleonic Wars

Men-At-Arms 101 The Conquistadores

Men-At-Arms 127 The Israeli Army in the Middle East Wars 1948-73

Men-At-Arms 140 Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1774

Men-At-Arms 146 Napoleon's Light Infantry

Men-At-Arms 163 The American Plains Indians

Men-At-Arms 166 German Medieval Armies 1300-1500

Men-At-Arms 174 The Korean War 1950-53

Men-At-Arms 194 Arab Armies of the Middle East Wars (2)

Men-At-Arms 197 Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873-1987

Men-At-Arms 251 Medieval Chinese Armies 1260-1520

Men-At-Arms 269 The Ottoman Army 1914-18

Men-At-Arms 340 The Italian Army 1940-45 (1) Europe 1940-43

Men-At-Arms 343 The Portuguese Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1)

Men-At-Arms 349 The Italian Army 1940-45 (2) Africa 1940-43

Men-At-Arms 350 The US Army in World War II (3) Northwest Europe

Men-At-Arms 361 Axis Cavalry in World War II

Men-At-Arms 405 Napoleon's Carabiniers

Men-At-Arms 408 Warriors at the Little Bighorn 1876

Men-At-Arms 410 Napoleon's Balkan Troops

Modelling 20 Modelling the T-55 Main Battle Tank

Modelling 21 Modelling Churchill tank

New Vanguard 16 Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank 1965-95

New Vanguard 29 German Armoured Cars and Reconnaissance Half-Tracks 1939-45

New Vanguard 38 American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (1) Field Artillery

New Vanguard 41 Confederate Ironclad

New Vanguard 45 Union Monitor

New Vanguard 73 M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65

New Vanguard 83 Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: White and Allied

New Vanguard 85 M60 Main Battle Tank 1960-91

New Vanguard 94 British Artillery 1914-19

New Vanguard 123 Swimming Shermans

New Vanguard 128 Vietnam Riverine Craft

New Vanguard 131 US Field Artillery of World War II

New Vanguard 133 British Mark IV Tank

Warrior 3 Viking Hersir

Warrior 9 Late Roman Infantryman

Warrior 27 Greek Hoplite

Warrior 55 Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator

Warrior 58 English Medieval Knight

Warrior 67 The Cossacks 1799-1815

Warrior 72 Imperial Roman Legionary

Warrior 75 Comanche 1800-74