In last months list of reprinted books I promised that there was another, bigger batch of books lurking just out of sight. And this behemoth of over 50 titles has just lumbered into our warehouses on both sides of the Atlantic (scaring a few of our dedicated customer service team - who are recovering in a quiet room with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate).

As ever it is really tough to pick out a handful of the books in the list to give an extra mention to - but I do know that Combat Aircraft 5 Blenheim Squadrons of World War 2 has been really tough to get hold of in the last couple of years - and I know that at a number of the modelling and aviation events we attend it has been asked for on numerous occasions. Well it's back in stock now, so enjoy!

Aircraft of the Aces 4 Korean War Aces

Aircraft of the Aces 14 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI

Aircraft of the Aces 23 Finnish Aces of WW2

Aircraft of the Aces 49 Croatian Aces of WW2

Aviation Elite Units 11 303 Bombardment Group

Aviation Elite Units 14 49th Fighter Group

Campaign 13 Hastings 1066 Revised Edition

Campaign 45 Majuba 1881

Campaign 93 Verdun 1916

Campaign 96 Okinawa 1945

Campaign 112 D-Day 1944 (4) Gold and Juno Beaches

Combat Aircraft 1 Ju 87 Stukageschwader Group

Combat Aircraft 5 Blenheim Squadrons of WW2

Combat Aircraft 12 RF8 Crusader Units over Cuba and Vietnam

Combat Aircraft 50 B52 Stratofortress Units in Operation Desert Storm

Elite 25 Soldiers of the English Civil War (1) Infantry

Elite 37 Panama 1989-90

Elite 45 Armies of the Gulf War

Elite 47 South African Special Forces

Elite 73 American Civil War Commanders (1)

Elite 81 British Colours and Standards (2)

Elite 102 Santa Anna's Mexican Army

Fortress 6 American Civil War Fortifications (1)

Fortress 7 The Lines of Torres Vedras

Fortress 29 US World War II & Korean War Field Fortifications

Men-At-Arms 34 The Waffen-SS

Men-At-Arms 42 The Kings German Legion

Men-At-Arms 55 Napoloeon's Dragoons and Lancers

Men-At-Arms 107 British Infantry Equipments (1)

Men-At-Arms 126 Wellingtons Light Cavalry

Men-At-Arms 139 German Airborne Troops

Men-At-Arms 184 Polish Armies 1569-1696

Men-At-Arms 222 The Age of Tamerlane

Men-At-Arms 298 Russian Army of the Seven Years War (2)

Men-At-Arms 317 Henry V and the Conquest of France

Men-At-Arms 329 The Austrian Army 1836-66 (2) Cavalry

Men-At-Arms 342 The US Army in World War 2 (1) The Pacific

Men-At-Arms 355 Wellingtons Belgian Allies

Men-At-Arms 365 World War 2 German Battle Insignia

Men-At-Arms 375 The British Army in World War 2 (3) The Far East

Men-At-Arms 377 Luftwaffe Air and Ground Crew

Men-At-Arms 378 Napoleons Guard of Honour

Men-At-Arms 391 The British Army in World War 1 (1) The Western Front

Men-At-Arms 402 The British Army in World War 1 (2) The Western Front 1916-18

Men-At-Arms 426 The Confederate Army (2) Florida, Alabama and Georgia

New Vanguard 6 T-72 Main Battle Tank 1974-93

New Vanguard 40 American Civil War Artillery (2)

New Vanguard 60 British Napoleonic Artillery (1)

New Vanguard 90 Napoleonic Naval Armaments

New Vanguard 97 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Warrior 52 US Naval Aviator

Warrior 60 Sharpshooters of The American Civil War

Warrior 62 Prussian Regular Infantryman

Warrior 76 German Infantryman (2) Eastern Front

Warrior 86 Boer Commando