Last but certainly not least in my series of blogs revealing what to expect in 2011 is here, with probably one of my favourite series, Duel. And what a year 2011 stands to be - there are the usual 'traditional' Duel titles, but in keeping with some of the experimentation we have thrown in to the series, there are a couple of slightly off-the-wall titles in the mix.

Duel 33 Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis: France 1940 (January 2011)
Duel 34 E-Boat vs MTB: The English Channel 1941-45 (June 2011)
Duel 35 F-105 Wild Weasel vs SA-2 'Guideline' SAM: Vietnam 1965-75 (May 2011)
Duel 36 SPAD VII vs Albatros D III: 1917-18 (April 2011)
Duel 37 King Tiger vs IS-2: Operation Solstice 1945 (May 2011)
Duel 38 P-40 vs Bf 109: MTO 1941-43 (August 2011)
Duel 39 La-5/7 vs Fw 190: Eastern Front 1942-45 (September 2011)
Duel 40 CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge: Cherbourg 1864 (November 2011

As ever, publishing dates are as close as we can get them to being accurate. Which is a shame, because I am not sure I can wait till May for the F-105 vs SAM book!

So what do you all reckon? Good range of titles?