It has been a scandalously long time since I wrote one of my 'Hidden Gems' blogs - but it is not because there haven't been plenty of hidden gems since last Christmas. In fact, just off hand I could cite a number of great books you might not have come across. How about Duel 25 Fw 200 Condor vs Atlantic Convoy? Not your usual Duel, this book pitches a battle between ships and aircraft! Or how about Raid 10 Certain Death in Sierra Leone? That was another personal favourite this year, an incredible story which felt more like a film script (Bruce Willis, Tears of the Sun kind of stuff) than a real-life operation. And then of course all the books written by the fabulous contributors to this blog - Joe and his Zombies, Kate with her beautiful Battle of Britain book, William with the very well reviewed CAM Salamis, Ben Hughes and his book Conquer and Die and the Quizmaster's... well his (or her??) quizbook.

But the Peninsular War Atlas really stands out, because it is such a spectacular book.

I could waffle on for ages. But why bother. I have photographic proof!










And now for some close-ups!




Now there is not much point in me going on about what is actually in the book - mainly because Richard sneakily beat me to it, but as a lover of books as much for their aesthetic qualities as for what is printed in them, this book flattened me, its beautiful! The photos don't actually do it much justice...but that is more down to my rather amateurish photography skills.

The Peninsular War Atlas is out in November, is available to pre-order now, and retails at £45.00 in the UK and $75.00 in the US.