Having now returned from BEA (Book Expo America, the big book fair in New York) it is now time to prepare for Historicon 2010.

For those of you who don't know Historicon is the major historical miniatures gaming convention in the United States. Previously in Lancaster, it has now moved to the Valley Forge Convention Center which is a bit more convenient to get to as it is only a few minutes from Philadelphia.

The show takes place over July 8 -11th and packs an incredible amount of games and events into those three days. There will be non-stop historical miniatures gaming, a giant exhibitor hall, painting and modeling competitions and classes, flea market, workshops and much more.

The convention will also feature it\'s largest-ever 'War College' with speakers offering seminars on a wide range of military topics. More than 70 different topics are scheduled to be presented by nationally and internationally respected experts.

We will be sponsoring the following seminars being given by Osprey authors and artists:

  • The Pike\'s Last Swansong: Wargaming the Wars of Billy, Jamie and the Sun King Louis XIV\'s Army - Angus Konstam
  • Creating an Osprey Battlescene (An Artist at Work) - Peter Dennis
  • Karma and Naval Gunnery: The Anglo-Dutch Wars - Angus Konstam
  • Pirates: From Valued Allies to Hunted Down Terrorists - René Chartrand
  • Louis XIV's Army - René Chartrand
  • Insights into Osprey Publishing: The Latest News and How to Write For Us - Me!
  • Fighting the Good Fight in 17th Century North America - René Chartrand
  • Buccaneering for Pleasure and Profit: The Truth about Henry Morgan - Angus Konstam
  • From the Spanish Main to Hollywood: The Evolution of Pirate Dress, real and Imagined -David Rickman
  • Bare-Arsed Bandit: The Highland Charge Exposed - Angus Konstam

We will also be sponsoring the featured HISTORICON 2010 speaker - Captain Dale Dye, USMC (Ret),  a man recognisable from his work on many film and TV productions as military consultant and actor including Saving Private Ryan and Starship Troopers. Captain Dye is scheduled to appear on Saturday, July 10th, where he will be presenting:

  • The Making of a Military Miniseries: Band of Brothers and The Pacific
  • Hollywood and Military History: Can\'t they ever get it right

We will be in the main dealer hall (Booth One) where we'll have author signings, competitions, the latest releases plus Peter Dennis painting live on the stand. The theme of the show is Pike and Shotte so we'll make sure we have advance proofs of Field of Glory Renaissance to show off as well.

Make sure you drop by to see us at the event.