Photographs A1-13 - 20 are of another field piece used by the Italian Army, circa 1914. Again I do not know the make or model number. It is on view at the same park as the two man torpedo in Taormina. There is also a monument to the fallen Italian troops of the two World Wars, which makes me think that the field piece could have been used in both wars.








The last photograph (A1-21) from this series was one that I just had to take. In a square with one side of it overlooking the sea was this plaque on the side of a church dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi. Do I have to tell you how he was? Now everybody (In the UK - ed.) should know of the biscuits named after him. He is also renowed for his  exploits in the unification of Italy and also his lesser know exploits in South America, Brazil and Uruguay before returning to Italy with his 1,000 volunteers in red blouses. This colour and style was used in Uruguay by some of the fighting forces during the civil war in which Garibaldi had fought “Blancos v Colorados”  (White v Red).

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