Welcome to INTEL: The Illustrated Archive for the Military Historian - Issue A2

Issue A2 contains 82 illustrations

A2 -1 - 14     Boer War illustrations.
A2-15 - 25    Franco - Prussian  War  illustrations (cont. A1)
A2-26 - 41    Argentine Patches.
A2-42 - 59    Chilean Badges and Patches Part 1.
A2-60 - 72    Chilean Badges and Patches Part 2.
A2-73 - 82    Havana, Museum of the Revolution, tanks
                      and armoured vehicles.

I will try my best to vary the content of each issue, although you might find some items carry on for more than a couple of issues. Starting from issue A3 the most illustrations per issue per item will be 20. That way each issue will not be bogged down on only two or three topics, no matter how interesting they might be.

Notes on Previous Items:

As promised this section is for additional information on “Previous Items” published in INTEL.

Note 1:  Russ Lockwood sent me an e-mail with information about an article on the Italian Human Torpedo, it is published in “Europa” No.56, the article is called “Liquid Courage; The Italian Human Torpedoes” by David H. Lippman. A good article with interesting details about this Italian elite unit and its history.

Note 2: Russ also mentioned that some people would not know when or with whom the Chaco War was fought.  The war was fought between Bolivia and Paraguay over an area of land called the Chaco Boreal that bordered both these countries. I will not bore you with the preamble to the causes, but the war  started in July 1932 and ended with a cease fire on the 14 June 1935. Bolivia had 52,397 men killed while losing nearly 10,000 deserters. 21,000 Bolivians were captured of whom 4,264 died in captivity. Paraguay sent out 140,000 men. Of these, about 36,000 men fell in the Chaco Boreal. These quick notes were made with the use of “The Conduct of the Chaco War” by David H. Zook Jr., published by Bookman Associates, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 60-14921, 1960. It also has a good Bibliography at the back too.

Note 3: The photographs of the Argentine badges, both the 1st and 3rd Squadrons of the Naval Air Force have used the basic design that they used while fighting the Falklands War (or La Guerra de las Malvinas). Look at the Osprey Men at Arms 135 on the Air Forces of that war which illustrate Argentine unit insignia used on the aircraft and these two units are there.

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