Kate, one of my fellow bloggers, is just far too modest. I have been going on at her for months about writing a blog about how she has gone from being a simple Osprey editor (and of course blogger) to being an internationally published author.

But she keeps on dodging the issue. So I think it is time for me to step in and announce it all for her!

About 18 months ago Kate rather shyly volunteered to write a big book for Osprey on the Battle of Britain, admitting that the Battle of Britain has always had a fascination for her and that her final thesis for her Masters was on the Battle of Britain. And last week the advance copies of the book landed on my desk. A large format, landscape hard back that we have published in association with the Imperial War Museum, The Battle of Britain is an absolutely beautiful book, generously illustrated with hundreds of the best photos from the impressive IWM archive. From stunning aerial combat photos, to portraits of the pilots on the ground and the colourful posters of the time, her book is a visual spectacle, but it is not just a case of pretty pictures - Kate has produced a script that blends a mix of first-hand-accounts, diary excerpts, extracts take from the incredible IWM sound archives, and of course official RAF documents and combat reports.

This year is obviously the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and Kate's book is intended to take a slightly more in-depth look at the strategy, tactics and technology that came to dominate the skies above Britain, examining the key strategic decisions made by opposing commanders, the development of critical weaponry and defences that dramatically changed the way that aerial combat was fought.


Well, shameless book plug over I think all that is left to say is that I am so pleased that one of our humble bloggers is about to actually publish a book for Osprey! Although having said that, this year is a bit of a busy one for the people involved with the Osprey site. Joe is set to release a Zombie Hunters Guide in time for Halloween (you can follow Joe on twitter at ZombieSoldiers) and the Osprey quizmaster is poised to release his own book, just in time for Christmas - a devilishly hard collection of military history questions! Phew!