I can\'t remember how the debate started. I think somebody had just read \'The Road\' or maybe seen the movie. Either way, it triggered the old office debate, which weapon would you take if you had to cross a post-apocalyptic America? No one knows, or cares, WHY you need to do this, we just care what you're packing.

We assumed we had a knife (because if you haven\'t got a knife, forget about it), and enough food for a while. Now you\'ve got your pick of one other weapon. What\'s it going to be?

I\'ll even sweeten the deal - the best answer, as judged by the panel of Osprey stand-around-the-watercooler-arguing experts, wins a copy of an advance copy of 'Soldier I' The Story of an SAS Hero.

(Oh, and if you are thinking about reading \'The Road\' it is an amazing piece of writing, but is a little lacking in the plot department.)