Osprey have joined forces with Armistice Games to release a brand new game for your iphone - The Aerodrome - Lafayette Escadrille, which is available now!

The Aerodrome - Lafayette Escadrille is an innovative 3D air combat game based on the wartime exploits of the Layfayette Escadille, a French squadron of American volunteers famous for their exploits in the skies above a war-torn France.

Executive Producer Mark Grob explains:

"Lafayette Escadrille puts players in the cockpits of aircraft flown by these brave men as they dueled with the German Air Force during World War One. We have combined an exciting aerial combat game with photos and other archive material from Osprey Publishing that give a real sense of the history of these brave pilots. Aspiring aces can fly a variety of machines from the period, from the training fields of Lexeuiil, France, to the Final Push of the USAS 103rd Pursuit Squadron."

Lafayette Escadrille is the first part in a series of Aerodrome games that will highlight the wartime exploits of different air units, British, French, German and American that fought over France in flimsy planes of wood and canvas. Historical accuracy and archive material will combine with thrilling combat sequences to bring the duels to life on the iPhone.

You can download the game to your iphone...or iPad if you are so inclined for £5.99 from the App Store, and for more information you can visit the Armistice Games site.