So last year I speculated on what might be the best Osprey titles in 2009. Taking into account the different months in which they came out and the different series I didn\'t do too badly.

Neither did you actually. Under the \'These keep getting requested so they better do well\' category all the titles performed very well although Campaign 207: Solferino was beaten in the same month by a New Vanguard on British Battleships which I would find upsetting if it wasn\'t for the research I\'ve been doing recently into my Grandad. Considering that MAA 454: Seminole Wars has only been out since October it is doing very nicely.

So for 2010 this means we\'ll keep listening to your suggestions so keep thinking of them. In this category for the first half of 2010 we have MAA 459: The Varangian Guard 988-1453 (June), ESS 61: Chinese Civil War (May) and Elite 179: Pike and Shot Tactics 1590-1660 (March) but the likely winner will be Campaign 220: Operation Crusader 1941 out in May.

In the \'When will Osprey stop thinking of cool new series\' category comes Command which begins in May with Napoleon and Erich von Manstein. Watch the website for more details on these and others in this series of military biographies.

Under the \'You can\'t go wrong with the SAS\' category we have Soldier \'I\': The Story of an SAS Hero (April) which covers Pete Winner\'s career in the regiment including his role at Mirbat and the Iranian Embassy Siege. Then, bringing us up to date we have Raid 10: Certain Death in Sierra Leone (April) which covers Operation Barras in 2000.

The next category is \'They are past and present employees of Osprey so I\'d better plug them\'. In this we have two titles with more to follow in the latter half of 2010. First we have Kate\'s labour of love, The Battle of Britain (May), a lavishly illustrated hunk of a hardback book covering the battle in great detail, out in time for the anniversary. Equally good is Campaign 222: Salamis 480 BC (June) by William in which our former illustrious leader takes a look at the battle using all of the latest research to produce the definitive Campaign.

Finally we have the \'I like them so I\'m going to mention them category\' which includes Campaign 217: The Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281, Duel 25: Fw-200 Condor vs Atlantic Convoys which always reminds me of the Fighting Condor from the Warlord Comic, NVG 166: British Motor Gunboat 1939-45 by Angus Konstam and FOG 13: Lost Scrolls as it is the last in the Ancient and Medieval series of Field of Glory.

And the best-selling series titles of 2009? They were, in reverse order Ace 86: P-36 Hawk Aces of World War 2, Campaign 205: Warsaw 1944 and Duel 15: Russian Battleship vs Japanese Battleship (Yellow Sea 1904-05). Great to see World War II knocked off its perch!