I have been a little bit naughty over the last couple of months. When I first started announcing what books we were doing in 2011 I was immediately bombarded with emails from readers who desperately wanted to know what books we were doing in the Campaign series in 2011. But to increase the tension I thought I should tease you all a bit by delaying the Campaign reveal, and it ended up dropping to the bottom of my inbox, until Joe came across to my desk, cracking his knuckles and threatening me with harm if I didn't write the blog.

So enough procrastinating. Here is the list of Campaign titles (with approximate release dates) for 2011.

Campaign 144 Wake Island 1941 (September 2011)
Campaign 228 Teutoburg Forest AD 9 (January 2011)
Campaign 230 Nile 1798 (March 2011)
Campaign 231 Nez Perce 1877 (February 2011)
Campaign 232 The Bismarck1941 (March 2011)
Campaign 233 Boudicca's Rebellion AD 60-61 (April 2011)
Campaign 234 Nomonhan 1939 (October 2011)
Campaign 235 Walcheren 1944 (June 2011)
Campaign 236 Operation Pointblank 1944 (July 2011)
Campaign 237 The Fourth Crusade 1202-04 (August 2011)
Campaign 238 St Mihiel 1918 (October 2011)

So, all in all a pretty strong line-up of Campaigns for 2011, with us having the chance to cover some of the more glaring omissions in the series to date, as well as providing details on a couple of lesser known (and covered) conflicts. In particular I am looking forward to CAM 234 Nomonhan - partly because it is one of those moments in history which I just don't know much about, but which sounds like an incredible story.

You may have also spotted one strange anomaly. While all of the other books being published in 2011 are Campaigns whose series number ranks in the 230s, one of the books seems remarkably out of place, with a much earlier series number of 144.

We have re-numbered the Wake Island campaign to replace the hole that was left when we had to cancel a previous Campaign book (which was actually on New York). When we eventually did publish a Campaign on New York, the 144 number was overlooked, leaving a gaping hole in everyone's Campaign collections. For a lot of our customers who have collected the whole series, this gap was a painful one, and loads of you got in touch with us asking us to bring out a book to fill the space (one gentleman even suggested bringing out a blank 'fake' book to fill the hole in his collection).

So, following all of your comments, we have filled the CAM 144 slot - and are getting ever closer to being able to fill in the other holes in the Campaign series too, so that all the completionists out there can look at their series collections without a tingling sense of unease!

I hope you all find some bits and pieces in there that you like. It is another strong year in the Campaign series, and the handful of books that have already been proposed for 2012 look equally impressive - although you are going to have to wait till next year to find out what those are!!