When I first joined Osprey (way, way back in the mists of time now) I wrote a blog about how I had a bit of a love affair for all sorts of old buildings. So the Fortress series has always had a bit of a special place in my heart. For years, when piles of new books arrive in the office, I still reach for Fortress first. Unfortunately today I can't quite still get away with settling myself down at my desk and reading the whole book each time a new Fortress arrives in the office - but I do still try to set aside 15 minutes to flick through each one, using the index to pick out the bits that I think will interest me the most.

So, I am pleased as punch to see that the Fortess series has reached a rather significant milestone, racking up it's 100th book last month. Which is an impressive feat for a series that is a little over 7 years young! It has been an interesting journey from the first ever Fortress ( FOR 1 Japanese Pacific Island Defenses 1941-45) to the Fortress 100 ( The Fuhrer's Headquarters: Hitler's command Bunkers), and the journey seems set to continue for a while yet.

Whether the series will be able to break the 150 barrier and join the Warrior, Elite, Men-at-Arms, New Vanguard and Campaign series as one of our truly huge collections of books is still to be seen. I certainly hope that in six or seven years I will be looking down on our 150th Fortress title... who knows, that far in the future Fortress 150 could be on the Defenses of Mars, or on Anti-Zombie barricades. Hey, it's possible! Of course, in reality there are a bunch of other subjects that I would love to see us cover over the next few years. The DMZ in Korea, Forward Operating bases in Afghanistan, Secret Cold War complexes...the series has almost unending potential!

So here is to the Fortress series, long may it continue, and as ever, if you have any ideas for the series - let us know!