Abraham Davies is the Marketing Assistant for our sister publisher Shire - but whenever Joe and I are a little overworked (or lying on a golden beach somewhere) Abe kindly steps into the breach and helps out with Osprey bits and pieces. Every month he makes sure the Osprey website is as up-to-date as possible, he sometimes helps out with our catalogue creation and book blurbs and organizes the events that we attend in the UK, from our annual appearances at Salute right up to Military Odyssey and Euro Militaire. In his more regular Shire duties, Abe can be seen doing pretty much anything from working on a press release about the popular fashions during the time of Jane Austen, designing an advert to promote a book of First World War cap badges, or writing the cover blurb to Privies and Water closets.

Abe is on Twitter from time to time (@ShirePublisher) so you can follow his more day-to-day movements on there if you would like.

When I asked Abe to choose his favourite Osprey book, this is what he came up with:


"At the risk of displaying excessive national pride, not to say of being spectacularly stereotypical, the Osprey book that stands out for me is - hold on to your hats - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873-1987.

As a decidedly part-time Canadian (I\'ve lived here most of my life, and contrary to popular opinion consider myself pretty Anglo), I found a wealth of material here of which I was at best vaguely aware - and though it doesn\'t always swell the heart with patriotic pride (the incidents surrounding the Metis rebellion are rather unedifying, and this book doesn\'t even cover the civil-liberties infringements of the 1980s), I\'m glad to have gleaned some insights into the intricate history of the figure that, probably more than any other, has come to symbolise Canada.

The history of the RCMP, it turns out, is rather more
True Grit than Due South, which is good to know."