Kate Moore is the Publisher for Osprey Publishing, which means she is in charge of all of the books that we produce, heads up the editorial department and oversees the commissioning of all of our series titles. In addition to this she manages the commissioning of our major non-series books and takes on the challenge of commissioning all of our biggest non-series titles, like the upcoming Para Fitness Guide (AKA Go the Distance in the US). As if this was not enough to keep her busy throughout the year, Kate also kindly contributes to this blog, and has actually written a book for Osprey, The Battle of Britain, which published earlier this year.

I must point out that I chose the photo of her surrounded by her book - she was a little nervous it would seem to much like an attempt to plug her own book!

When I asked her what her favourite Osprey book was, this is what she had to say:


"After six years at Osprey I have found it virtually an impossible task to nail my colours to just one mast and choose my favourite Osprey book. In fact, I have been umming and aahing over it so much I think Mike was almost going to have to beat it out of me in order to get it done in time for Christmas. I can still remember very clearly the first Osprey book I ever worked on (and therefore one of my candidates for all-time favourite) - Men-at-Arms 183 Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia. The book had come up for reprint and on my first day in the editorial department I was asked to prepare it for printing and write the backcover blurb. I knew then that I had found the perfect place to work.

Ever since I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful authors and illustrators to produce some fantastic Osprey books.

One of my proudest moments was working on the launch of the new Duel series and although it threatened to turn me grey over night it was undoubtedly worth it. The series has gone from strength to strength and although I have now handed it over to be looked after my other members of the department I still fondly regard it as \'my baby\'!

I have now moved on from working on the series books and I look after our on-off trade publishing programme (also known as the Generals list) which means that I get to work on a vast array of titles, from books on Trench warfare during World War I (GNM Trench) to a quiz book (GNM The Military History Quiz Book).

No doubt, many of these books are all going to make it onto my list including some that haven\'t even been published yet. Indeed, I just spent a very pleasant evening finishing reading the manuscript for a book we will be publishing next year on the Secret Weapons of World War II which I think is going to be another Osprey classic.

But if I do have to finally nail it down to a favourite Osprey book for 2010 then I am going to plump for Weapon 1 The Thompson Submachine Gun. I loved devising this series. It was such an obvious gap in our publishing programme and it was great fun putting together a book on one of the classic weapons of the 20th century. I think the book encompasses everything that makes Osprey great - incredible artwork (courtesy of the phenomenal Peter Dennis), brilliant original photographs, an engaging and informative text by one of the world\'s leading experts - and all this within 80 pages. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have."