June 2009 091

Diane Hobbs is the Publishing and Office administrator at Osprey which in her own words "means I manage to poke my nose into just about everything. About a third of my role is in contracts administration, getting the right contracts in place and ensuring the contributors are paid. And the other two thirds of my role is managing the office, everything from office management through to people management. I've been working at Osprey's Oxford offices since May 1999 and can honestly say that I have loved almost every minute of it. I love Osprey, I love my work, love the staff, love our customer, love their loyalty, and I'm excited about the way we're changing and developing as a company.

And even though I know nothing about military history, I am proud to be associated with such a great product and brand. Botley (the part of Oxford that the Osprey office is based in - Mike) isn't the most glamourous of locations in the world, but there are a couple of nice coffee shops around here!"

When I asked Diane what her favourite Osprey book was, she replied very honestly:


"I've been working at Osprey for over 11 years and have to confess to never reading one of our books... it's nothing to be proud of I know. So as much as I love Osprey as a company, actually writing a book review was a little difficult in that respect. I can't give you an in-depth, intellectual and interesting commentary about a book I haven't read. But if I had to choose one as a favourite it would be Kate Moore's Battle of Britain (published in May 2010).


Well, to say my husband is fanatical about the subject is an understatement, and Kate's book was much anticipated in our household. Joyous was the day that it arrived in the office and I was able to take home an early copy to his smiling face and open arms. He has raved about the book, its brilliant writing, its fantastic photos, and I have also enjoyed the chapters that he's read to me, which have been topped up with his own opinions and narrative. Any Battle of Britain enthusiast would find this an interesting and informative read. From time to time I too enjoy flicking through it, and I like the pretty painting on the cover."