After a couple of months away doing \'field research\' the Osprey Quizmaster is back with another dose of military history brain-pain, and the announcement of the Osprey Military History Quiz Book!

After months of challenging Osprey fans to one-on-one military history showdowns, the Osprey Quizmaster has returned to offer his toughest quiz yet. See if you\'ve got what it takes on this month\'s QUIZ. For those who survive and managed to correctly answer all ten questions - can you crack the Quizmaster\'s new code? Unlikely.

But it gets better. Not content with a mere ten questions a month? Coming in October: The Military History Quiz Book written by The Osprey Quizmaster.

* 100 Quizzes
* Over 1,000 questions from all periods of military history
* Three difficulty levels, from easy to impossible
* Includes Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and True and False quizzes.

Coming this October - if you think you\'re tough enough.

Quiz Book