You\'ve done the monthly quiz. You\'ve completed the Osprey Mega-Quiz. You may even have bought the book. You think the pain is over, but the Osprey Quizmaster is not done with you yet.

His fiendishly difficult quizzes are now available at an Apple store near you.

The Military History Quiz: Become a Four Star General
, developed by Aimer Media on behalf of Osprey Publishing, features five levels of complexity from raw recruit to the highest rank with over 100 quizzes and 1000 questions. An initial introductory quiz is free to play but is followed by four levels which can be purchased, but only if you have the knowledge to complete the level before.

Why not test it out on your iPhone or iPadCompete with your friends, check your rankings and generally find out whether you have what it takes to be a Four Star General.

Remember the Osprey Quizmaster is watching you.