As the anticipation builds towards the launch of our new series I finally got the chance to sit down and scroll through some of the books (sadly only on a computer screen - the first two books are on a boat at the moment). I felt a little out of touch scrolling through the pages. The last time I had a proper look at the insides of these pages was a few months ago. when the scripts were all still in a very rough state, partially corrected, without all of the correct images, and still awaiting our signature artwork.

Scrolling through the first six titles was an eye opener - the editors and designers working on the series have done their usual sterling job, and a passing glance is very pleasing. I have just started to dip into the Thompson book and am reading it at the minute, and it is a really enjoyable story (if a bit of a strange one for Osprey as it has more about policemen and gangsters than the usual Osprey title).

Anyway, I thought you would all like to have a sneak peak at some of the page spreads that really caught my eye.


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