Amidst great excitement, the Weapon books arrived in our office today, and we can finally get our hands on them and see our hard work come to life. It is always a great occasion when new books arrive in the office, and when the new books are a first look at a new series it always seems much much more exciting.

So, this time round we decided that the official 'opening' of the box containing the precious Weapon books should be done with the verve and style that they deserve. Richard cut open the box with the sword he keeps in his office (which he uses primarily to keep me in line and protect himself from a Marketing-led coup)

Of course an occasion such as this deserves an official photographer, and I was more than happy to oblige. And here is the evidence!

The official opening


Richard is trying to look mean, and fierce as he rips open the box of books. But grinning, even whilst holding a sword kind of ruins the effect.


Phew, the cardboard and tape defenders finally give in...


The first look...


Obligatory 'arty' shot of books being read!


The team that brought you Weapon! From left to right: Ben the designer who came up with the templates and is going to be working on all of the Weapon interior designs, covers etc. He is the man who makes the books look great! Richard, who championed the series for years - without his enthusiasm Weapon would probably have never got off the ground. Tom, our editorial guru who had the task of making sure everything ran smoothly with the launch titles - working with the authors and illustrators to ensure the best possible products were produced, on a very tight schedule! And last, but certainly not least, Kate, the Publisher, who has the overall say on all of our books, and bossed the other three around to make sure they didn't make any mistakes!


And of course the real stars of the show - the books themselves. Weapon 1: The Thompson Submachine Gun and Weapon 2: The Rocket Propelled Grenade