In the last couple of years, numerous plastic box sets have flooded into the wargaming market, offering gamers an alternative metal. Since the start-up costs for producing plastic figures is much greater than metal, most of these offerings have come from the larger manufacturers. However, the small Conquest Games has quietly entered the field with the release of their box of plastic Norman Knights. It is a very well conceived and well-executed set. The box, which retails for £18, contains all the parts needed to assemble 12 knights, with or without a command element.


Assembly is as easy as you could want. The horses are in three parts. The knights are five piece figures with a selection of different heads. They can be armed with either spears or swords and equipped with either round or kit shields. There is even one club in the set, so you can make William at Hastings.  All of the parts fit together with the greatest of ease, which is always a relief.


The inclusion of one casualty figure is one of the little touches that really makes this a delightful set.


Here is my own modest attempt to quickly paint up one of the assembled figures.


All in all, I give this set very high marks, and can see it encouraging many gamers to add a force of Normans to their miniature collections.