A month or so ago, I got an email from a modeller who wanted to start up a ‘campaign’ based on Osprey Duel. While I’ve long had an interest in modelling, I have never been a frequenter of the various modelling forums, so I didn’t immediately understand his question.  Well, my eyes have been opened to a whole new (miniature) world, and it looks darn fun.

Over at Kit Maker Network, where many modellers keep an online profile, people are awarded campaign ribbons for participation in various modelling projects. Each project has it’s own unique ribbon, which recipients can display on their profile.

This sounded like such a fun idea; I definitely wanted to get Osprey involved. We have therefore given our blessing to the campaign, which will feature a little Osprey Duel ribbon (the larger version is depicted here).

Full rules and regulations for the Campaign can be found here, but basically, modellers either have to build two models, based on an Osprey Duel book, or team-up with another modeller to make one each.

The campaign will run all of next year. Hopefully we will be able to show off the work of some of the participants here on the blog.

So, if you’ve ever fancied getting into modelling, this might be a fun project to start you off!