More tactics, more Byzantines, and more military history goodness than you can shake a stick at!  Here's the Elite and Warrior line-up for 2012!

ELI 119: Apache Tactics 1830–86 (January)
ELI 129: World War II US Cavalry Units: European Theater (July)
ELI 187: Byzantine Imperial Guards AD 925–1025 (July)
ELI 188: Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Tactics (April)
ELI 189: European Medieval Tactics (2) (September)
ELI 190: US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000–10 (September)

WAR 161: Tunnel Rat in Vietnam (February)   
WAR 162: Roman Republican Legionary 298–105 BC (April)   
WAR 163: Spartan Warrior 735–331 BC (July)     
WAR 164: RAF Fighter Command Pilot (September)  
WAR 165: US Army Paratrooper in the Pacific Theater, 1943–45 (November)