Historicon Osprey booth_right-side

Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley Games teamed up to run non-stop demos at Historicon this year!

 Historicon FOF Golan Hieghts

Ambush Alley ran a Force on Force Golan Heights tank battle, and a Force on Force Afghanistan infantry battle. Meanwhile other Force on Force games ran upstairs in the miniatures hall.  

With a diorama and minis made by Micropanzer, both Osprey and Ambush Alley ran demos of TOMORROW'S WAR, the new Ambush Alley sci-fi game that releases October 18th!

Origins Tomorrow's war aliens charge the marines! (minis by Micropanzer)

FORCE ON FORCE debacle in the Golan: mechagnized combat at Historicon!

Phil Smith (from Osprey UK) and I played a demo of mechanized combat using Force on Force rules at Historicon 2011. Phil led a charge by Syrian T-62s attempting to retake the heights from my Israeli Centurion tanks. He did it so well that it
resulted in a complete debacle for the Israelis who were annihilated! Luckily for the Israelis they didn’t have to live in reality with the equivalent of my die-rolling that day! After a series of flubbed rolls on my part, Phil’s T-62s swung around the Israeli flank and gave him side-armor shots. This enabled the T-62s to rapidly dispatch the Centurions.

Force on Force Israeli Golan Debacle

We found that the new edition of Force on Force’s tank warfare rules fit within the same dice-mechanism as infantry combat, while adding the nuances of side and rear armor, suppression, and other details. Though I love the base mechanics of the
game, adding armor, air, artillery, snipers, and night-vision to the game makes it even better. I highly recommend trying a Force on Force scenario using tanks!

Field of Glory & Field of Glory Renaissance 

FOG & FOGR each had 14-person tournaments up in the miniatures hall. FOGR Cities of Gold was well received due to the inherently colorful costuming of many native Americans, and the manner in which it wraps up the seven book series that comprises the Field of Glory Renaissance game.  

New Osprey Series books

Italian Battleships was very popular among convention-goers, along with our other July and August new Series books (Operation Archery, Revenge of the 47 Ronin, French Foreign Legionnaire, etc.).