Today I landed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, excited that Military History Fest is almost here. (Who caught Jeopardy on Tuesday night where the answer to Final Jeopardy was about Chicago's two airports which are named after a WWII Hero and a WWII Battle?) My friend and colleague, Fred Henders from Crimson Books has said that he has an aviator's jumpsuit for me borrow during the show. Fred, of course, will be decked out in his very sharp British Officer's coat. I'm also looking forward to the Force on Force demos at Unique Games & Gifts and Games Plus with Shawn and Peggy Carpenter. At the fest itself on Saturday there will be a two games featuring FOF Rules: a 15mm Iraq War game featuring a large urban battlefield, USMC versus Iraqi insurgents/regulars and a 1:100 scale Battle of Britain game using a gorgeous English countryside gameboard and diecast aircraft. If you're in the Chicago area, come out and see us!