RAID 27 Battle1

First up is this amazing shot by Peter Dennis due to appear in RAID 27: Tomahawk and Musket - French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley coming in January 2012.

MAA 475 Plate 8

Continuing with muskets for a moment, how about this classic Men-at-Arms plate by David Rickman, It's coming in MAA 475: The Spanish Army in North America 1700-1793 due out in November 2011.

Plate F Edited

Okay you know I love wooden ships, but how can you not with artwork like this? This beauty is by Peter Bull and can be found in NVG 183: Warships oj the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-74 coming in December 2011.

ELI 119 Plate 4

Finally something to finish up our artwork ambush, here's a tactical ambush plate by Adam Hook that appears in ELI 199: Apache Tactics coming in January 2012.