First, let me begin by dispelling the rumors that Peter Dennis is locked away in the Osprey basement. The truth is, we don't even have a basement and Mr Dennis has so far eluded all our attempts to capture him. Instead, once a month we leave a suitcase full of money in a different airport locker, and every so often we receive a package from some exotic location containing some of the best military history art around. Here's another little selection of the fantastic Peter Dennis art that is forthcoming in our books.

First up is a shot of Federal gunners trying to bring down the feared commerce raider from Duel 40: CSS Alabama vs. USS Kearsarge due out in November 2012.

DUEL 40 Plate 3

Next up, the Greeks and Persians go at in a scene from CAM 239: Plataea 479 BC due out in January 2012.



And finally, a battle in the snow from CAM 240: Wabash 1791 coming to you in November 2011!

CAM 240 Plate 1