I’ve got a confession to make, Raid is now my favourite Osprey series. For me, there is just something more exciting about these smaller actions that can be perfectly covered in a short book.  There are a lot of interesting Raids coming out this year, but the one I’m most looking forward to is RAID 22: Decatur’s Bold and Daring Act – The Philadelphia in Tripoli 1804,

Growing up in the American South, I often heard the name Stephen Decatur, but rarely any stories of his military exploits. America has a tendency to overlook its military history between the War of Independence and the Civil War. Only later, when I specifically went looking for information on the Wars of the Barbary Pirates did I learn about Decatur’s famous cutting-out operation. It’s got it all. A captured American frigate, pirates, a night-time boat attack, the a clash of sabres – what more could you want?

How about an author like Mark Lardas, then man who has already brought us a slew of great books, including DUE 19: Constitution vs Guerriere, NVG 161: Ships of the Revolutionary Navy, and Raid 12: Roughshod Through Dixie – Grierson’s Raid 1863?

Still not convinced, how about a sneaky preview of some Steven Noon artwork from the book?