First up we have the next in a line of figures from Evolution Miniatures, a figure-making company who deal in mainly 48th, 35th and 32nd scale resin kits. They do quite a varied array of figures from the obligatory WWII German, Russian and Allied kits, to gangsters toting Tommy guns, right through to modem fantasy post apocalyptic figures. This month they have gone all modern with a new figure, part of a four-figure vignette of three special-forces operators in Afghanistan and an Afghani civilian (who looks like he is being questioned.) This third figure is out this month and, like all of Evolutions figure I have seen, looks very well sculpted and correct in equipment and scale.

Pic 2

The latest figure looks like he is giving the suspected Taliban a good going over and is pointing at a weapons cache on the deck. Meanwhile his two companions stand ready on over watch, looking pretty hard and scanning the horizon for potential trouble.

Pic 3

Sergey's sculpting has captured the ragged look of the special-forces look quite well. This should be a good seller, especially when all four figures are available.

Pic 4

Next up is some excellent looking rolling stock and diorama scenery from L.Z. Models of the Czech Republic. This month they are releasing in 1/35 a brand new German G10 covered wagon, one of the most commonly used of the rail stock in the Second World War. There have been many kits of these from Trumpeter and Dragon but this one to me stands out from that crowd.

Pic 6

This highly detailed and accurate model comprises 180 resin parts + PE parts complete with decals for three wagons (one in Allied service). The kit also includes instructions for assembly on a CD or download. Check out the underside detail – its outstanding! L.Z.Models also provides kits for several other soviet railway stock and upgrades for already released kits like the BR6 locomotive from Trumpeter. The detail is excellent on their diorama stuff as well, look at this 19-piece German water crane to see the quality of their work

Pic 7

Mantis Miniatures is a figure company on the rise with some really interesting ideas about what should go in a diorama. They really are finding their feet with the new sets they are developing, and I was most impressed with what they have announced this month.

Pic 9

35029 - German motorcyclist, WW2 Eastern Front is the first of three sets I want to mention. There is a driver and a separate passenger (both can be purchased together I think). These figures,  heavily decked out in winter clothing, are meant to go along with Lion roar's excellent BMW R75 sidecar set. Sculpted by Pawel Krasicki, the figures will have two heads each. The sculpt with gas mask was taken originally from this picture. He sure did a good job!

Pic 10Pic 12

This set of three bears (the middle one looks juuust right) is maybe the sight that is concerning the bike rider so much! It looks like she is protecting her cubs, and the riders quite understandably are about to ride off in the opposite direction! These bears match the other animals that add to dioramas on their site, and make an interesting change to the soldiers pointing at other soldiers in your diorama. And that's what we are striving for isn’t it -  a different perspective?

Pic 13

Dragon from China has been extremely busy (as always), and anyone who knows anything about their ship kits know they mean big business! Their latest release due in Jun is no exception. Nearly 70 years ago some swordfish attacked the German battleship "Bismarck" in the Atlantic and Dragon have sought to satisfy all of you re-enactors with a new kit of the famous ship with its attacker included!

Pic 14

I don’t have that many details, but I do have some facts and pictures from Dragon to share with you- here they are:

- Newly tooled 3.7cm twin AA gun and single AA gun included
- Aircrafts newly produced w/plastic and photo-etched parts
- New and accurate workboat stowage
- Extremely fine detailed parts like the 11.5m workboat newly produced
- 2cm Flakvierling gun accurately produced w/photo-etched parts
- Optional display stands included
- Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
- Turret w/rivet details authentically reproduced
- Authentic gun barrels are slide-moulded w/hollow ends
- One-piece slide-moulded w/undercut details upper hull realistically represented
- Intricate command bridge made by slide moulds
- Intricate funnel included
- Photo-etched parts update superstructure, mast, and radar details
- Photo-etched railings included

Pic 15

The kit is currently available for Pre-order at Dragon USA. It is expected to make a break for the high seas in June.

Last but definitely not the least is our friend Zotz' latest release in 1/32 scale decals. Set to be released late May are these two beautiful sets of decals to brighten up your Hobbyboss F-84 Thunderjet in 1/32

Pic 17

Both have U.S. and foreign markings included. The first sheet is one U.S. aircraft of the 58th fighter bomber wing, flown by Col. Charles Jordan. One scheme from The Portuguese air force flown by Major Alvaro Moreira Rato from 1964, and the last on this first sheet being of the Hellenic Air Force, complete with a red tail and yellow and black Chequered wing tanks.


The next sheet has two aircraft, again a colourful U.S. example, (I like this one) of Colonel Robert L Scott's mount from the 36 FWB in colourful light blue. The second is a French plane from 1955 in all NMF with yellow and green droptanks. Both of these sets look to capture the colour and dazzle the jet pilots had the luxury of adorning their aircraft in in those years. They look amazing to me and sure to sell out quickly!! You can pre order them from Zotz' site here.

Pic 19Pic 120

Stay tuned for our next weekly news and industry insider section. We have lots of interesting figure kits for review in the next few weeks, as well as the Cyberhobby Bf 109R/4 kit to build. Till next time have fun modelling!!

Adam Norenberg