Hello modellers! This week in the modelling news we have an eclectic bunch of kits for you, including Templar knights and a bust, biplane bombers, the fastest two wheels of 1988 and a Russian guy polishing his boots on a swastika while his comrades sit on an explosive barrel!

Pic 1

First up from the master sculptors and figure makers of Pegasso of Italy, I have three new kits. Two full figures and a bust. These have to be seen to be believed, and I'll give you some photo evidence and facts before I say too much more. Really a picture tells 1000 words here, so ill keep the chat to a minimum….. First up is the No:90-053 Templar Knight XII c. kit.

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In 21 white metal pieces, this kit was released recently on the 18/05/2011 and was sculpted by Andrea Jula and painted by Danilo Cartacci. This kit is 90mm high in 1/20 scale and comes as part of the "Crusaders" set of metal kits. I like how the arrows are peppering his sheild, and the faces provided give the kit a great realistic look. This kit is on sale at their website for  €76,67 Ex VAT

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Next up is a lovely bust of a French Hussar (kit no 200-037) This is a ten piece resin bust in 1/9 (200mm) scale, standing (well-mounted) at 10cm tall and is yours for € 43,33 from their website.

Pic 4

Again sculpted by M.Springer & A.Jula this kit in the picture is painted by Massimo Pasquali and to me is very lifelike for its large size. I know a few of you out there will be impressed.

Pic 5

Last for the May releases I will show here (there are several more out this month) is kit number :75-077 Scottish Gentleman. Really this kit came out last month, but I had to include it as it looks so good. This full figure is cast in 17 parts of white metal and was sculpted by Angel Terol who did my fave sculpt of the lot of the Pegasso series the 90mm No:90 150 Teutonic Knight.

Pic 6

This individual 14th century figure was painted by Danilo Cartacci and at 75mm high this 1/24 scale Scott doesn’t break the bank at € 37,50.

Even though all figures here are shown Ex-Vat and without P&P Pegasso have an excellent little scheme of discounts which are available on their in-house figures:
5% OFF For orders over € 75,00
10% OFF For orders over € 100,00
15% OFF For orders over € 250,00
So if you have some to spare and want a challenge, but also an amazing outcome from a quality large-scale kit, look no further!

Pic 7

Next is a neat little kit in 1/72 from ICM. It is of the U-2/Po-2VS, WWII Soviet Light Trainer and was one of the many seemingly inadequate aircraft to oppose the Germans in their attack on Russia in WWII.

This Polikarpov aircraft was the main training aircraft in the Soviet Union at the time, and later saw service as a night bomber in a famous squadron flown by all women pilots – and ground crew – that had immense success against the Germans. The sound of their engines was indeed feared and the group were called the "Night Witches" (the 588th Night Bomber Regiment) There are the lovely ladies in the picture below

Pic 8

This kit however has the option of four different schemes and promises a detailed cockpit and engine compartment along with fine arms and armament.

Pic 9Pic 10

Next up is the announcement of the new 1/12 Honda NSR250R SP 1988 racing bike kit. This is a new tool version from Aoshima of a bike that was called the "Greatest 88". I do remember watching these go around in the races when I was a fair bit younger than I am now. There are some excellent pictures on this Honda NSR website for some great inspiration and also some excellent references.

Pic 11

Although this isn’t really this blog's regular fare I think this kit has some great merit to it and should be very popular. Hobby Link Japan have come up with some great images of this bike and several others from the Shizuoka model show along with some CAD drawings of this forthcoming release. While the pre-order lasts, HLJ are offering 30% off so get in fast. Check the site out for more news and the latest announcements from the modelling show. Some exciting things going on, and I thank HLJ for their access to the pics.

Pic 12

Last but certainly not at all least is the Russian company Stalingrad. This company makes some very nice (usually) 1/35th figures, mainly of Red Army and German soldiers either in duty or at rest. Stalingrad have a great knack of capturing the human element of the figure – making some nice faces and well proportioned kits. First of all is kit number: S-3571 - Red Army tanker and Nazi flag, 1945…

Pic 13Pic 14

This nice sculpture/figure shows a Red army tanker gleefully puffing on a "ciggie" and polishing his boot with a German Swastika! He looks very happy with himself and why not? It seems he is enjoying his victory!
This figure will go very well with the next set - S-3572 - Red Army tankers on rest, 1943-45 – which shows two soldiers from the Red Army, (One a tanker) enjoying a little toast while perched on the barrel of a massive tank gun (shown here a barrel from a JS2 tank)

Pic 15Pic 16

These figures will be out soon and are to be followed up by yet more figures in 35 like this kit below – still without a name – kit no: S-3536, S-3537

Pic 17

For more info go to http://stalingrad.diorama.ru/

Enjoy your week. We will have more news and reviews for you this week and every week, if you see something you want reviewed or have ideas or comments please do leave them below in the box.

Have fun modelling!

Adam Norenberg