This is really exciting!

Way back in February we posted up a blog asking you all to take part in a survey we were running. This survey was designed to find out what you were all looking for in a new series from Osprey - a series which we had tentatively conceived as a variation on the Duel series - but featuring soldiers.

As ever, you did us proud, with thousands of you taking 10 minutes or so to answer a series of questions. Your help and feedback was invaluable in the creation of the newest Osprey series -  Combat.

Combat launches late in 2013 with four initial titles and we are already looking at possible titles for 2014.

Now, I bet you are all probably wondering what titles we have chosen to launch the series with, so without further ado let me reveal exactly what we have planned for this new series in 2013!

CBT 1 British Para vs Fallschirmjager: Mediterranean 1942-43 (Sep 2013)

CBT 2 Union Infantryman vs Confederate Infantryman: The Civil War in the East 1861-65 (Sep 2013)

CBT 3 British Infantryman vs Zulu Warrior: Anglo-Zulu War 1879 (Oct 2013)

CBT 4 Russian Jaeger vs French Young Guard: 1812-14 (Nov 2013)


Essentially this series pitches two opposing forces against each other and examines why one group was able to defeat the other. It looks at tactics, weapons, equipment, morale and the other factors which aided or hindered each group - in much the same way that the Duel series does. As ever it will be fully illustrated, with photos and our trademark artwork.

Over the coming weeks we will be revealing much more information about what each of these books will cover, how the series differs from what we have done in the past and showing you some of the artwork that will grace the insides of the series. We may even give you all a sneak peek at what the covers will look like. So keep an eye out for much more about the Combat series.