... Tom's favourite Osprey book!



'One of the nice things about working at Osprey is that among our many wonderful and talented authors, some are true experts in their field. So, even though a book might only be 80 pages long, those 80 pages are the essentials on the subject, distilled from a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. Martin Pegler’s Sniper Rifles is one of those.

This is a book about inventors, engineers, and the pursuit of ever-increasing accuracy and range – from newfangled flintlock Jäger rifles in the 18th century to the .50-cal Barrett. But it’s not just a technical book, since this is one of those cases where new technology leads directly to the creation of a new kind of soldier. Here, the story of the accurate rifle is also the story of the sharpshooter. Just an individual with a rifle, always feared, often despised, usually treated with disdain by the top brass – but who can still dominate a battlefield.

Also, there’s an awesome plate of a French general being shot off his horse at 300 yards by a chap with a Baker rifle.'


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Last week's competition winner is... Chris Bonin from Williamsburg VA with the correct answer of David Stirling!

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