Next up for the big reveal of 2013 titles is the fantastic Combat Aircraft series - which continues to serve up a great range of titles and which will reach a landmark itself this year - sure to clock up the 100th title in the series at some point before Christmas 2013. So what books are going to guide the series through to a century of titles? Lets have a look...

COM 96 Pe-2 Guards Units of World War 2 (Feb 2013)

COM 97 USAF and VNAF A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War (Feb 2013)

COM 98 A-10 Thunderbolt Units of Operation Enduring Freedom (Jun 2013)

COM 99 He 111 Kampfgeschwader on the Russian Front (Jul 2013)

COM ??? AV-8B Harrier II Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom I-II (Oct 2013)

COM ??? F-104 Starfighter Units in Combat (Oct 2013)

So, what do you think of that list? I am pretty excited about one of the books in particular, having pushed very hard for Warthogs to be included in our publishing schedule for a while now - the A-10 has got to be one of my favourite aircraft out there!