There is a second strand to the Osprey Adventures line of books to go with the series that we announced yesterday.

Dark Osprey.

Dark Osprey explores the ground where fact and fiction meet, the "what if" areas of history and downright fictional scenarios with that have a tentatively military theme. Basically it is where we (and hopefully all of you) can have a bit of fun with what we do and create something a bit barmy. Technically we actually launched the Dark Osprey series a couple of years ago when we produced Zombies: A Hunter's Guide. Now however, we are embarking on a full on publishing schedule and have a number of books coming out in 2013.

DARK 1: The Nazi Occult (Jun 2013)

DARK 2: The Knights Templar: A Secret History (Oct 2013)

DARK: We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth (Oct 2013)


From this list you can probably already see that the series will takes aspects of history (like parts of real Nazi 'occult' investigations and the historical basis of the Templars) and mix it with some added twists of imagination, fantasy and a dash of Indiana Jones style Hollywoodisation.

Oh, and don't forget the guides on how to conquer the earth, written by our alien overlords.