Due to recent legislation about how companies store payment card details, we have had to change our payment process.

Essentially, this has meant that all payment card data previously stored on our website is invalid and can't be used for further purchases. This includes monthly memberships. If you have a monthly membership, the card data used to pay for it each month will unfortunately no longer work. Instead, you may receive an email claiming that the payment has failed.

To continue to receive the monthly membership, please follow these steps. In order to make the most of the monthly membership, please complete these steps just before the date on which you usually pay for your membership:

  1. Enter My Account, cancel your membership in the Subscription Management section.
  2. Once done, please delete your card details in the Payment Methods section as this card data will no longer work.
  3. Then, when you go to re-order your monthly membership, please go through the checkout procedure as normal, where you will be asked at stage 4 (Payment Method) to re-enter your card details, and continue to the end of the process

Once you have completed this, you will no longer have to re-enter your card details as the card will now be compliant with legislation.

If you have pre-ordered books, then there is no need to re-pre-order them, as this order will still go through. Also, this only applies to monthly memberships, not yearly memberships.

We can only apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding. This change will, eventually, mean that your card details are safer than ever.

As a small compensation, our members now have access to The Daring Dozen - the dramatic history of twelve legendary figures of WWII special forces -  as a free eBook, and two extracts from our latest releases. 

If you should have any issues with this process, please email [email protected]