Over the last couple of months a few of you have been begging us to reveal our line-up of 2013 titles - but we have held back as long as possible. This wasn't to build up the anticipation (though it seems to have worked) but was rather because of the fact that this early in the schedule it is very difficult to predict exactly what is going to end up publishing in 2013. So - the iist below is indicative of what we hope will come out in 2013 - but expect publishing dates to change and on very rare occasions for books to disappear altogether.

So here we go - where better to start than our longest running series - Men-at-Arms - which is set for yet another fabulous year!

MAA 485 Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771-94 (Jan 2013)

MAA 486 The New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War II (Mar 2013)

MAA 487 The New Zealand Wars 1820-72 (Mar 2013)

MAA 488 American Tribes of the Southwest (Apr 2013)

MAA 489 Lincoln's 90-Day Volunteers 1861 (Jul 2013)

MAA 490 Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops 1885-1918 (Aug 2013)

MAA ??? Modern African Wars (4) The Congo Wars 1960-2002 (Oct 2013)

MAA ??? Medieval Volga Bulgar Armies: 10-15th Centuries (Nov 2013)

So - that is the line-up for Men-At-Arms in 2013. It is quite a diverse list - built around a lot of love for New Zealand at the beginning of the year (though probably lacking in the Peter Jackson-esque panning panoramas of The Hobbit). However I have to say that my personal highlight of the year is the relaunch of the Modern African Wars series of titles. The last book in the Modern African Wars was published back in 1991 and since the three books have been re-released as ebooks they have become cult hits. It is great to see the series back up and running!

What are you most looking forward to?